Our Journey

Moradabad is a city of Western India and it was established by Mughals. In 1625, the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan appointed Rustam Khan to capture this place and he set up a fort there, named it Rustam Nagar. Later on, it named Moradabad after Shahjahan’s son Murad Baksh.

Moradabad is famously known as “Peetal Nagri” or “the Brass City”. It is recognized for its high quality Brass Handicrafts that are exported all over the world. It is famous for its metalwork Art and acknowledged for its colored enameling & intricate engravings. Color & engraving patterns are very interesting. Various items created through Brass which includes traditional Vases, Trays, Stools, Decorative items and idols of Gods and Goddess.

Country Kraft’s team purpose is to reach those artisans who still lives below the poverty line and struggling to earn the livelihood. We always try to make a direct connection with the artisans and work with them.

Our Artisan partners are masters in their field as they are the 3rd generation of their families who was involved in making the handmade crafts. We are introducing & promoting our artisan’s handmade work & spreading their Art, so that they earn better and can secure the future of their families. We are trying to improve the living standard of our artisan community and focusing to improve their child’s education & health.